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Top 6 Powerful Features

Real 4K Resolution icon

Real 4K Resolution

SR Dynamic Driving Effec icon

SR Dynamic Driving Effec

5GHz Wi-Fi Icon

5GHz Wi-Fi

Emergency Lock icon

Emergency Lock

Built-in eMMC Storage

Built-in eMMC Storage

Super Capacitor icon

Super Capacitor

4K UHD Resolution Image

Every detail is visible

MINI5, equipped with the SONY IMX415 image sensor,  brings cinematic 4K image quality with sharp details and lifelike distant scenes. The sensor lets it read license plates and even capture the letters on roadside billboards with peeling paint.

4K UHD Resolution

Micro-Sensitive Night Vision

Perfect in a Balance of Light and Shadow

Due to the addition of 7 sets of high light-transmittance spherical lenses and a large aperture of F1.8, the primary lens can effectively provide sufficient light intake.DDPAI NightVIS technology allows more detail to be preserved even in low-light shooting.

Night Vison off
Night Vison open

Realcube Image Technology

Self-Adaptive Scene, Restore True Color

With various built-in algorithms, MINI5’s newly developed Realcube image technology comprehensively improves color perception and brings more natural and delicate image effects.

Delightful icon

More Delightful

Realcube Image Technology

Exquisite icon

More Exquisite


Authentic icon

More Authentic

7P molded spherical lens

Realcube Image Technology off

Before Realcube Correction

Realcube Image Technology on

After Realcube Correction

5GHz High-speed Wi-Fi and eMMC Storage

Refresh the Record for Dash Cam Image Transmission

MINI5 innovatively supports 5GHz Wi-Fi and is used with eMMC built-in storage for faster transmission, offering a fast experience of video downloading and playback that is beyond the limits.

0 %

Less interference, More signal channels, 5 times transmission speed.

EMMC ≈ 100MB/S
SD Card ≈ 20MB/S

5 times read/write speed, longer service life

Post-modernism Design

Deliver the Idea of Rationality

MINI5 combines elegant dark gray that matches with a symmetrical design, symbolizing the opposition and unity of traditional and fashionable elements.

Postmodernism Design

Apolar rotating pan-tilt

Multi-angle adjustment

Hidden louver

Directional duct, heat dissipated more efficiently

Magnetic absorption

Convenient and stable installation

Densification process

0.01 mm gap treatment, effective dust control

*Data from the DDPAI laboratory, specific data subject to actual conditions

MINI5 Insight

Integrated molded housing

Stronger and more stable structure

Dual-core flagship chip

Breakthrough performance, more efficient operation

High-precision GPS

Faster and more accurate positioning

Super large aluminum alloy cooling bracket

25% more effective heat dissipation

12 degrees maximum temperature dropping

Superstable Guardian

Emergency Lock

It is necessarily needed when accident happens

When vehicle crashes or violent shakes are detected, MINI5 will snap a photo at the first time—and generate a total of 10 seconds / 20 seconds / 30 seconds short videos before and after the accident.

Note: Collision sensitivity can be adjusted by DDPAI App to High, Medium, Low, or turn it off.

Emergency Lock
Parking Monitoring

24H Parking Monitoring

Low battery Burden

Equipped with IPS hardwire kit, during the parking monitoring mode, the collision will trigger the photos and associated video shooting once the collision is sensed.

Note: To realize the parking monitoring function, it is necessary to purchase the specified low-voltage wire from DDPAI.

Automatic Loop Recording

Adopting H.265 video encoding, saving more than 30% of storage space compared with H.264. Automatic loop recording supports daily video recording, so there is no need to clean the files in the memory card frequently.

Automatic Loop Recording

Super Capacitor

High Thermal Resistance, Stable and Safe

Built-in high-performance capacitor, avoid the bulge risk of lithium battery, higher thermal resistance, longer service life.

No risks associated with long-term storage or use in vehicles.

Super Capacitor

SR 2.0 Driving Visual Effect

Dynamic driving data, just at one glance

Racing car UI interface, built-in 6-axis gyroscope, to provide a variety of dynamic driving data.

SR 2.0
Acceleration And Deceleration Detection

Acceleration And Deceleration Detection

Gradient Information

Gradient Information

Virtual Track

Virtual Track

Front Vehicle Distance

Front Vehicle Distance

Lane Information

Lane Information

Lane Change

Lane Change

U-turn Detection

U-turn Detection

Direction Detection

Direction Detection




1. To enable SR2.0 Dynamic Visual Effect, the dashcam needs to be connected through the DDPAI APP. After downloading the driving video, turn on the SR effect switch, and the video will be generated and exported to your devices shortly.

2. The picture is for reference only; the actual result prevails.

Share the Wonderful Moment Along the Road

Connect the dashcam with the App to preview, playback, and download footage. Share the fantastic view that you captured with DDPAI car communities.



packaging box
Packaging Box
mini5 mount
User Manual
Power Cable
Power Cable
Car Charger
Car Charger
Installation Tool
Installation Tool
mini5 manual
User Manual
2x 3M Adhesive
3M Adhesive
Electrostatic Stickers
Electrostatic Stickers

Product Specs

AI.265 hardware encoding, 2160P ultra HD video encoding

SONY IMX415 image sensor

7P molded spherical lens, FOV 140°, Aperture F1.8; 1/2.8

Built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi

eMMC built-in storage

Wireless video output, supporting Android/iOS devices


Built-in high precision 6-axis gyroscope, emergency lock, sensitivity can be adjusted by DDPAI APP




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