DDPAI M5S Car Stereo

Mobile-vehicle cross-screen app sync | 8.9-inch ultra-clear touch screen | 2K ultra-wide-angle recording

Simple Connection

Wireless connection upon onboarding Connection to the vehicle audio system

Mobile-Vehicle Cross-Screen App Sync

Seamless sync between the mobile app and the vehicle

Mainstream APP Commonly used and always new

Support mainstream APP Seamless sync

2K Ultra-Wide-Angle Recording

1440P recording with HD camera Front and rear recording

8.9-inch Ultra-Clear Touch Screen

1920*720 resolution 230 PPI
IPS full-fit screen 700-nit brightness

8.9-inch Ultra-Clear Touch Screen

24-hour parking monitoring

Mobile-Vehicle Cross-Screen App Sync New Vision for Smart Driving

Wireless Connection upon Onboarding

Simple Connection

One pairing for automatic connection Independent transmission of mobile app audio and picture with connection to the vehicle audio system

Distributed Apps

Set a destination on your phone, and the navigation information is automatically synced after the connection Automatic streaming of music from your phone to the vehicle audio system once connected

Smooth Cross-Screen Collaboration Seamless Sharing of Mobile Apps

Distributed UI

Tailored for Vehicle What Is Right Is the Best

It is not simply a screen projection! The mobile app automatically adapts to the vehicleinterface, which is more in line with your driving habits to ensure safe driving

Change Navigation Apps and Music at Will

Supporting navigation apps such as Google Maps and audio players such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and SoundCloud Log in with your mobile app account for real-time updates of personalized content

Mainstream APP Commonly Used and Always New

Support mainstream apps such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Spotify, Google Maps, etc., to meet daily needs

2K Ultra-Wide-Angle Recording An Ultimate Clear Vision

2K Camera for Clear Recording

Multilane sight distance for a wider view Emergency lock, with separate record for emergencies within 20s


large aperture


wide-angle lens

5 Sets

of optical lenses

8.9-inch Ultra-Clear Touch Screen A Feast for the Eyes

8.9-inch Ultra-Clear Touch Screen
1920 720 icon






700 nit icon



6.5mm icon


thin frame

million colors icon


million colors

NTSC color gamut icon


NTSC color gamut

Four-Leaf Clover Base Suitable for Various Models

The ISB PTZ structure allows 360° rotation

Four-Leaf Clover Base Suitable for Various Models

The ISB PTZ structure allows 360° rotation

256GB Storage Loop Recording

256GB storage for more driving videos Supporting loop recording, i.e. previous videos are automatically overwritten once the memory card is full, effectively utilizing the storage space

Front and Rear Recording & Reverse Parking Image Safer Driving

Simultaneous front and rear recording to ensure driving safety When shifting to reverse, the image automatically switches to the rear camera with a clear vision

Parking Monitoring 24h Continuous Monitoring

After the vehicle stalls, once sensing a collision, the system will automatically record it, providing your vehicle with all-day monitoring It can automatically power off, so there is no need to worry about the battery

Note: To use the parking monitoring function, you need to purchase the IPS hardwire kit separately

Install Step

Install the smart car stereo in a position where it can be viewed normally without blocking the driving vision. It is not recommended to install the product if the placement affects the driving vision due to a high center console, a steep arc, an oversized CID screen, or other reasons.


Overall height: about 130 mm

Base rubber pad size: about 86*142 mm

This product is powered by a power cable connected to the cigarette lighter in the following way:

Insert the USB charger into the cigarette lighter, connect the Type-C power port of the device with the USB charger by using the power cable, and connect the cigarette lighter to power the device. Please refer to the figure below for specific wiring methods.


Product Specs


Aspect ratio: 16:6

Resolution: 1920*720

Screen type: IPS

Screen brightness: 700 nits

Screen size: 8.9 inches

PPI (pixel density): about 230

225*110*100 mm

Net weight: About 802g


Micro SD card storage, up to 256 GB

Front: 1440P, diagonal 135°, aperture F1.8 With rear, the front will be 1080P, and the rear 1080P (optional)

Bluetooth 5.0

Low-power Bluetooth supported

Front: 5 optical lens and one infrared IR, FOV 140°, F1.8 Aperture

Rear: 5 optical lens and one infrared IR, FOV 125°,F2.0 Aperture



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